I'M KINGFISHER AVIAN (2014) KLP 2080 KITE RECORDINGS / PLAYGROUND MUSIC RELEASED SEPTEMBER 17TH Avian, the fifth solo album by Swedish indie/folk artist I'm Kingfisher (Thomas Jonsson) is by every mean his most compelling and accessible material to date, presenting a wide variety of songs, from intimate ballads to up-tempo pop and even the brief excursion into tex-mex estetic and electronica. Where its predecessor Arctic dwelved in icy blues atmosphere, Avian is filled with warm air, sprinkled with acoustic lush. Guest appearances by american experimental artist Benoit Pioulard, Elina Johansson of Dear Euphoria, Helena Arlock from Me and My Army and C-J Larsgården from A Perfect Friend/Yrsel/Ondo 01. Aiming for the Crowd 02. My Beak May Break 03. Force of Habit 04. Everything's Rehearsed 05. Electric Forest Velodrome 06. Lovely Myra's Transmission Coat 07. Avian 08. I'm Kingfisher 09. National Pen 10. In and Out of the Nest 11. Tamer & Hawk 12. What, Me Worried? 13. Lion's Share Produced by Carl Edlom Artwork by Geninne D. Zlatkis