Thomas Denver Jonsson HOPE TO HER (2003) KCD 1040 / Kite Recordings Released October 14th 2003 01. First in Line 02. 24 Seven 03. Long Life to Lose 04. Shades of Green 05. Black and Blue (Pale Angel YOu) [MP3] 06. Then I Kissed Her Softly [MP3] 07. Come on Up 08. Pale 09. Jeanna 10. Mallards 11. Road Runner 12. Crushed Ladybug Thomas' debut album "Hope to her" is a lofi-country moment filled up with the lovable bittersweet spirit of love and loss, clearly influenced by and 70's singer/songwriters. Reaches from the country- rock songs "First in Line", "Shades of Green" and "Mallards" over to the gospeltouched "Then I Kissed Her Softly", "Black and Blue" and "24 Seven" and further to the starkness of the a capella song "Pale" and the dreamlike landscape of "Jeanna". This album, released oct 14th 2003 is expressing many nuances in deed when touching old loves, helping angels, sweet memories, depression & laughter, country charm and long nights. The opening track "First in Line" was also featured in a stripped down duet with Rosie Thomas on First in Line EP (kcd1050) Thomas Jonsson - vocals, guitar, harmonica Carl Edlom - vocals, guitars, piano, accordion, percussion Fredrik Wilde - vocals, guitars, pedal steel Tomas Lindberg - vocals, bass guitar, bongos Henric Strömberg - Drums , Percussion Pontus Henriksson - Fender Rhodes on "Then I Kissed Her Softly" Jessica Magnusson - vocals on "24 Seven" All songs written by: Thomas Jonsson, Produced by Carl Edlom except Then I Kissed Her Softly; produced by: Local beat dealers "A warm, uncluttered delight" - Uncut (UK) Jan/Feb 2004 "Undoubtedly the one of the best things to come out of Sweden since, well, since forever really /.../ Warm, Welcoming and Wonderful" - Americana UK (UK) "A fine album and highly recommended" - (UK) 031228 Third best album of the year - Peer Bataille, Altcountry NL (NL)