Thomas Denver Jonsson BARELY TOUCHING IT (2005) KCD 1080 / Kite Recordings Released October 28th 2005 01. I'm With you all the way 02. Strange Luck 03. Time Stops When I Hold You 04. Dance Floor Borders 05. Dreams at the Film Club [MP3] 06. Silver Boy [MP3] 07. Don't Cry 08. A Day From A Year 09. Walther 10. Eyes of Blue 11. Working Star 12. Good Night 13. Reprise The second Thomas Denver Jonsson album deepened the expression from the debut. On this cd, the airy folkpop turned into a more electric and darker expression, yet still with a revealing hope for the future, filled with black dreams and city views. Thomas Denver Jonsson´s backing group The September Sunrise delivered the soundcapes of a sleeping town with it´s surrounding freedom. This cd features key tracks "Silver Boy" featuring Ned Oldham of the Anomoanon, the pleading but upright "Working Star" and the confessing lullaby of "Good Night". You will also find the laidback rock song "Strange Luck" the embracing, warm duet with Nina Kinert in "Dreams at the Film Club" and the dark gospel of "Walther". The two acoustic pieces bookending the album, presents and sums up the spirit of this new collection of songs. "The darkness is coming closer", still "with patience, good things will come". Thomas Jonsson - Vocals, guitar, harmonica Carl Edlom - vocals, guitars, piano, accordion, organ, glockenspiel Fredrik Wilde - vocals, guitars, pedal steel Tomas Lindberg - vocals, bass guitar Henric Strömberg - drums, percussion Nina Kinert - vocals on "Dreams at the Film Club", "Dance Floor Borders" and "Reprise" Ned Oldham - vocals "Silver Boy" Anna Sahl - Cello on "Working Star" and "Good Night" All songs written by: Thomas Jonsson except A Day From a Year written by: Carl Edlom and Time Stops When I Hold You written by: Jonsson / Edlom. Produced by Carl Edlom Nina Kinert appears courtesy of another.records Ned Oldham appears with kind help from Northern Trail "He's competing with the best" - Lennart Persson, Expressen (S) "Jonsson inhabits the same space as South san Gabriel and M Ward /.../ A talent overdue for a wider audience" Rob Hughes - Uncut #105 (UK) "Jonsson seems to have skipped three or four albums worth of 'artistic development' to deliver a fully-formed masterpiece." - Jeremy Searle - Americana UK (UK) "He has released two albums that carry the same promising vibe as Bob Dylan's early releases, where you know they're very good but what really twists your ear is the sense of what's ahead, the possible masterpieces lurking in his subconscious." - Dennis Cook, Ebong (US) "my album of the year" - Wiebren Rijkeboer, Altcountry NL (NL)